The St. Croix Hiking Association sponsors monthly hikes and activities, and is open to all interested participants


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President Catherine Prince
    Vice President     Stephen Cohen
Secretary Dorothy Flash
Assistant Secretary Terrell Alexandre
Treasurer Sonia Maynard-John
Assistant Treasurer Esther Sweeney
Education Committee Olasee Davis, Catherine Prince
Fund Raising  
Public Relations

Benito Vegas, Sherron Carlos


To educate ourselves of and to help preserve the cultural, natural, and environmental history and geography of the Virgin Islands and other locations, including the importance of natural resources to the heath and well-being of our community.


The St. Croix Hiking Association was started on July 7, 1998 when a group of St. Croix residents wanted to learn more about the natural, cultural, historical, and marine resources of the Virgin Islands and the Caribbean region. Mario Moorhead, a popular local radio host, suggested to naturalist Olasee Davis (who had just returned from a hiking trip on Trinidad and Tobago) to lead a hike open to the general public exploring the northwest corner of St. Croix. The hike covered such places as Sweet Bottom Bay, Wills, Well Bay, Davis Bay, and Annaly Bay, and took eight hours to complete. The route included tropical moist/dry forests, historic sites, and marine coastal areas. It was on the ridge of Estate Annaly Bay, overlooking the Caribbean Sea. Karl Knight and other enthusiastic participants conceived the idea to create a hiking club.

Not long after, a small group of individuals met and drew up by-laws and articles of incorporation thus establishing the St. Croix Hiking Association. Over the years, we have grown and today have more than 90 members. With regular monthly meetings, scheduled hikes, guest lectures, and field trips, the association has introduced innumerable residents and visitors to the natural and cultural wealth of the Virgin Islands, particularly on St. Croix. In addition, our annual off-island trips have let our members experience the varied riches of other islands countries in the Caribbean.

There is a widespread recognition that St. Croix's rich historical, cultural, and natural heritage is a major resource for the Virgin Islands’ tourism industry. With this in mind, the St. Croix Hiking Association is helping to educate our members and the public so that they may truly appreciate and preserve St. Croix‘s valuable resources.


The St. Croix Hiking Association is a member of the American Hiking Society.