The St. Croix Hiking Association sponsors monthly hikes and activities, and is open to all interested participants



Newsletters are published periodically, and include hiking reports, annual trip reports, photos, event calendar and more.

Current newsletters:

St. Lucia Trip Report 2008 (PDF 4Mb)

Dominican Republic Trip Report 2007 (PDF 6Mb)

Past newsletters:

Early 2007 (PDF 3Mb)

Late Winter - Early Spring 2006 (PDF 6Mb)

Winter - Early Summer 2005 (PDF 7Mb)

Early Summer 2004 (PDF 800Kb)

Winter 2004 (PDF 400Kb)

October - December 2003 (PDF Mb)

July - September 2003 (PDF 3Mb)

April - June 2003 (PDF 2Mb)

May - August 2002 (PDF 3Mb)

Winter 2001 - 2002 (PDF 2Mb)

September - December 2002 (PDF 3Mb)